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Receive a guaranteed Cash, Fast Close, Offer To Buy Your House in 48-Hours!

Need to sell your house fast? We Buy Houses Cash!

We will make you a FREE no-obligation all-cash offer on your property, no matter the condition! If you want to avoid traditional listing hassle or need to sell your house fast for any reason, we will get you an offer within 48-hours. If our offer makes sense, pick the closing date and start packing.


Before we make an offer on your house, we will have to gather just some basic information to give you the best cash offer. Just fill-out our easy to use online form or if you prefer to call, you can reach us directly at (408)824-1977.


We provide everyone a fair cash offer guaranteed to buy your house as-is. No matter the condition of the home we will make sure you don't pay fees, commissions, or repairs with our offer.


Once you have accepted our offer, receive your check from escrow! Our goal is to help as many people in our community as possible to receive the best cash offer for their house!

Why Sell Your House To Us?

We are experienced real estate investors based in the San Jose, South Bay Area. We have multiple years of experience buying, selling, and rehabilitating houses in the South Bay, and the East Bay Area of California. Our local experience in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area has been a wealth of knowledge into the real estate market, and into our local communities to give them a better understanding of how it all works while providing options for when when they are ready to sell.

We buy houses in any condition, and any price range, in addition to single family homes, we are also buying duplexes, and other multifamily properties, commercial buildings, and apartment complexes, condos, town homes, and raw land.

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Selling your house through a real estate agent has its fair share of hoops to jump through when you want to sell your property fast for cash. We make it a point to provide sellers the best cash offer they deserve for their homes as-is. No hassles, just an offer you can rely on receiving in 48-hours.

Accepting an offer from Second Chance 4 Props, you can sell your house in as fast as 7 days, or more if you need additional time, without any of the fuss of having to do the following:

  • Cleaning and staging the home
  • Making costly repairs
  • Meeting with realtors who want commission
  • Listing the property online (MLS) with strangers at your home
  • Open houses, and scheduled showings
  • Taking up offers that may or may not go through
  • Needing to relocate and move out on a scheduled date set by the home buyer's.

Selling your home to Second Chance 4 Props makes the traditional part of the process so much easier. We remove all of the unwanted hangups, and trail-dragging steps out of selling your property. The best part of it all, is you receive an offer that is completely up to you.

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We Have Answers

Be sure to seek out local resources, and educate yourself before entering into any contract. Research all of your options that are available to you as a homeowner before selling your home. Having insight into the process by providing yourself solution based options, can help you make the right decision under the circumstances you may be finding yourself in.

No scenario is identical, and it's important to consider the following when selling your home:

 Am I under any obligation when I receive your FREE All-Cash offer.

No, not at all! All of our cash offers are without any obligation from you to us when you receive our offer. It is absolutely up to you to accept our offer or decline it. It's a genuine no strings attached offer.

What if my home is currently listed with an agent, can you still buy my home?

We do not purchase homes when they are listed with an agent. When the property is listed with an agent the house is under a contract and we would not be able to purchase it.

 I owe a balance for a mortgage on my home?

We can still buy the property when you have loans or liens against the home. If you have a high amount of liens, and our cash offer is more than what you owe on the property, that's not a problem. We are able to buy your home with high mortgages by helping with financing offers.

We genuinely want to help in any way we can. If you have loans or liens against the property, and still want to sell then give us a call @ (408) 205-6154 or contact us by filling out this easy form.

On Average, how long does it take to sell my home?

The average time can depend on many moving components, but the easy answer is "it depends". Over the years we've purchased many homes, and have created an easy home buying process that has allowed us to buy homes in as little as 7 days! 

It's important to remember that not every house is sold in 7 days. Some situations, require more attention than others, and may even be serious for those who find themselves in particularly difficult circumstances with the property. We do our absolute best to understand your circumstance with the home, and have no shortage of expert advice in helping homeowners deal with different types of scenarios. When you are ready to sell to us you can rest assured we will do everything in our power to buy your house as fast as possible for cash!

How much can you offer for my home?

It's actually very simple. When we make an offer we take a look at the location of the property, what kind of repairs/renovations that may be needed to bring the house to acceptable standards, and finally, the most recent sale of similar homes in the neighborhood over the past few months. Once we have determined these 3 key factors, we’re able to provide you a FAIR all cash offer for your property.

We want you to know, we are able to provide as much information you need to know about the process. If you have any questions regarding selling your property, please give us a call at (408) 205-6154 or fill out this form for immediate assistance.

Are there any costs when we sell to you?

Typically when you sell your house the traditionally on the open market. You realize that there are expenses you need to make for repairs, plus fees, and other costs. One of the biggest benefits to selling your house to us is you pay absolutely no out of pockets costs! We take care of all the expenses when buying your house. This means you get to walk away with more cash in your pockets. We make sure to take care of each step of the process. It’s our goal to make it as easy, and Risk Free and for our client's to have the ultimate selling experience!

Second Chance 4 Props Is Here To Help, and Provide Resources To Our Local Bay Area Communities.

Throughout our career as real estate investors, we have gained a valuable amount of experience through working with homeowners directly, and having the ability to handle each scenario we come across with care, and empathy. When you decide to sell your home to us. to us you can be sure that we are completely capable of handling any situation you are facing.

It doesn’t matter if you are going through a divorce, facing foreclosure, behind on payments, inherited the house, or simply just want to sell your unwanted house. We have and can handle it all.

Every home owner we help becomes part of our family. We make sure to treat everyone fairly and honestly. Our job is to provide a quick and easy solution, so that you can sell your home without any hassle and put more cash in your pockets. You can be sure that we never cheat our community and will always give a fair cash offer to everyone.

We hope to talk with you soon about selling your house and that you become a great addition to our local family.